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Service Performance

Please note that with effect from March 2020, we have temporarily suspended publication of our monthly service figures. This is due to the situation with COVID-19. Although we are continuing to operate, we have implemented contingency plans, and are working under challenging conditions. We have therefore suspended non-essential tasks to concentrate on priority work. The current situation is also impacting our usual service standards, so any figures published would not be an accurate reflection of service. We hope to return to normal service as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


2020 Service Performance Summary

February: 70%

January: 74%


2019 Service Performance Summary

December: 68%

November 67%

October 73%

September 75%

August 78%

July 73%

June 89%

May 88%

April 84%

March 91%

February 89%

January 84%


For more details on our published service standards please refer to our due diligence guide.
















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