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Have you considered transferring commercial property into a SIPP or SSAS?

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At Yorsipp, we understand the value of smart financial decisions. That's why we have an exclusive offer open for both existing and new Yorsipp members for transferring commercial property into a SIPP or SSAS.

Using a SIPP or SSAS to transfer commercial property is an extremely tax-efficient way to buy and manage business premises. Your clients can enjoy benefits such as:

Tax savings: Can help reduce or even eliminate tax liabilities on rental income and capital gains.

Asset protection: Business premises generally are free from Capital Gains Tax so will be shielded within a pension wrapper, providing valuable protection for their investment.


  • The SIPP doesn’t need to cover the complete value of a potential property investment as you can borrow up to 50% of the net value of the scheme,
  • It is also available as an option for unconnected properties or syndicated arrangements and multi-SIPPS.
  • A SIPP does not have to acquire an entire building. For connected purchases, it is possible to purchase part of a property using a SIPP enabling the client to buy up to the value of their current scheme.

Enhanced control: Take control of property investments and make decisions that align with financial goals.

Secure your future: Help your clients build a more secure retirement by investing in bricks and mortar.

Our special offer includes reduced prices of up to 30% on commercial property transfers into a SIPP or SSAS. Whether your clients are existing Yorsipp members or considering their investment options, now is the perfect time to take advantage of these fantastic savings.

1 x SIPP + 1 Property= £2000
2 x SIPP + 1 Property= £2500
3 x SIPP + 1 Property

= £3000
1 x SSAS + 1 Property

= £2500
1 x SSAS + Loanback

= £2500
SSAS Takeover

= £325

*Package prices include SIPP establishment, SIPP administration (Year 1), property purchase fee, and property administration (Year 1)
*All prices are exclusive of VAT
*All additional services will be charged as per our current fee schedule

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