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SSAS Features

With experience amongst our team of operating over 1000 SSAS arrangements, we "get" the SSAS market and its a core element of our proposition. We're active in the "new" scheme market as well as converting insured schemes and/or taking over the trusteeship of a SSAS. Don't leave your clients exposed to those who "play" at SSAS - speak to the experts!

A SSAS can provide a business with a flexible means to save for retirement whilst also offering the ability to aid business funding via investments such as property, shares in the sponsoring employer or lending money to aid development.

Unlike SIPPs a SSAS is permitted to make a "loan back" to the sponsoring employer and also benefits from added flexibility in terms of how assets can be apportioned between the members.

Yorssas role in the scheme is initially to establish or takeover the SSAS, ensure it is registered with HMRC and liaise with previous schemes to ensure any benefits being transferred are processed as quickly as possible.

In our role as Trustee and Scheme Administrator we help ensure any legislative requirements are adhered to - such as providing reports to HMRC and providing information and guidance on issues such as what investments the scheme can hold, how much income can be drawn and feasibility studies into potential property purchases.

A SSAS can benefit from the "pooling" of investments between the membership - e.g. the scheme can borrow up to 50% of its total assets e.g. to aid a property purchase. 

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