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  • 10/03/2016 In the Press

    DC Savings Scandal - Why the Lifetime Allowance HAS to go

    Catch up with our latest article for Professional Adviser on why its time for the LTA to go! It surely can't be right that a DC saver can no longer secure the same pension they could have had in 1989 without incurring a significant LTA charge...

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  • 21/12/2015 In the Press

    Yorsipp unveil new "live chat" technical support service for advisers

    Innovative new service ensures both field-based and remote face to face support can be provided for advisers in whichever format suits them best.

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  • 04/12/2015 In the Press

    Finance Monthly - The Pensions Market - Action Stations!

    With so much change in pensions at present we consider some tax year end planning issues. We also look at how the Self Investment pension market is helping clients benefit from the new pension freedoms and take advantage of the pension led funding options available.

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  • 24/11/2015 In the Press

    Retirement Planner - Why Advisers are reconnecting with SSAS

    Increased awareness of "pension-led funding" opportunities, coupled with the pensions freedom introduced in April, has helped to put SSAS firmly back in the spotlight.

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  • 15/06/2015 In the Press

    Yorsipp selects BirthStar® to deliver market first Auto Invest option

    Delighted to deliver highly governed Auto Invest option across our full product range - including our newly released "Singular SIPP". For full details please refer to our press release below.

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  • 27/03/2015 In the Press

    SSASset Allocation - IFA Magazine March 2015

    In the self-administered pension family, the SSAS is the elder sibling to the SIPP. It may be older, but perhaps hasn’t grabbed the headlines as much as the younger SIPP in recent years. However, the SSAS retains some considerable advantages compared to its younger rival. These include the ability for the pension fund to be used to lend money to and/or purchase shares in, a sponsoring employer. In addition, a SSAS can provide greater flexibility over how assets are allocated between the members as the following example illustrates

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